1.  Honesty & integrity:  our office is not in the business to “sell” orthodontics.  Our office takes extreme pride in educating our patients and their families about their orthodontic needs so they may make informed decisions about their care.

2.  Many general dentists may say they offer orthodontic treatment, but they are not certified orthodontists.  Dr. Mortimer is a certified orthodontic specialist.  Certification requires several years of post-graduate training in orthodontics in addition to the training needed to be a general dentist.  We focus solely on orthodontics so that we can provide you with the most effective and long-lasting treatment.

3.  We provide individualized treatment plans: our doctors work together to develop a treatment plan(s) that address the unique character of each patient.  We do not have a “one treatment fits all” approach.

4.  We encourage parents to participate in their child’s care by welcoming them to be with their children in the treatment area.

5.  Our doctors consult with a “world class” group of specialists to help guide our patients with intricate treatment requirements.

6.  We place an enamel “protective sealant” on our patients teeth prior to the placement of their braces that greatly reduces the formation of permanent “white spot lesions” due to insufficient oral care.

7.  We are committed to being on time for your appointments.  We understand and respect the value of your time.

8.  Our highly trained and conscientious employees are focused on providing you with impeccable service.

9.  You have access to the doctors 24/7.  You can always reach us for questions or emergencies.

10. We have flexible and individualized payment plans.

11. We participate with a majority of insurance plans.

12. We provide e-mail and text appointment reminders.

13. We provide “clear ceramic” braces at no additional charge.

14. We use only the best available products on the market.

15. We have many convenient locations.  If you’re worried about being too far away from our office, worry no more!  We have four office locations so that you can choose the most convenient location for you. It’s just one more way we work hard to take care of our patients.

16. We know that being safe and comfortable in our office are your biggest concerns, which is why we follow the strictest guidelines for bacterial control and sterilization set by groups such as the CDC and OSHA. We employ disposable tools and materials whenever feasible, and what tools must be re-used are always thoroughly cleaned and sterilized between each patient.

17. You will be treated like family!!!